The silence and stillness practices are drawn from a range of traditions. Many of them are adapted to meet present-day circumstances and to allow ease of access for those who have not practised in this way before. Participants are advised to choose which practice most meets their needs at that time on this particular day. This of course will vary week by week. Guidance is given where needed.

Zen tradition

From the Zen tradition there are a series of simple breathing and counting exercises and meditative walking.

Zazen. Breathe and Walk. Walking Meditation.

Advaita Vedanta tradition

From the Advaita Vedanta tradition there are exercises in self-enquiry, contemplation and mantra meditation.

“Oneness”. Vichara - Self Enquiry. Drishtaa - I am the Seer - the Eternal Knower. How to Meditate.

Christian tradition

From the Christian tradition there is the practice of LectioDivina, involving the faithful reading of scripture and deep penetration of its inner meaning.

Lectio Divina

Contemporary Spiritual movement

From the Contemporary Spiritual movement there are exercises in resting in the present moment Now, releasing tension and experience of timelessness.

Contemporary Spiritual

True worship consists in inward meditation ‘World Within the Mind’